Exclusive Developments
& Property Services.

Marr Cyprus is able to develop projects as a principal, or on behalf of clients or with partners. With experience and a presence in many international markets, we work with a network of professionals to identify ground-up development opportunities and devise strategies for bringing concept plans to full completion.

Together with our partners, we carefully evaluate each aspect of a development opportunity – typically covering a wide range of considerations that include:

  • Analysis of the supply and demand dynamics of a selected market/project
  • Analysis of the local approvals and planning processes
  • Review all existing or proposed financial structures of the project
  • Review of anticipated building expenses and analysis of potential operating costs
  • Market research of purchase and/or rental assumptions and identification of prospective tenants
  • Management and coordination of environmental consultants, legal consultants, tax experts and other professionals within and outside of the organisation

Architects and engineers worldwide are continuously extending the limits of what can be achieved in construction. And with innovative new materials, techniques and technologies changing the way today’s buildings are designed and constructed, it’s important that only the most technically competent firms work on a Marr Cyprus project.

There are many contracting companies who want to work with us. But because we set the highest standards for workmanship—and only the highest are acceptable to us—we select the very best specialists to undertake our projects.

Importantly for us, being a good partner is another essential. At every stage in a project, and at every level, everyone’s work is critical to its overall success. We have found that working in a collaborative partnership with firms we trust results in greater commitment, cooperation, and productivity all round—which in turn leads to better results. Our network of experienced architects, engineers, and contractors enable us to design, build and deliver properties of any asset class.

Part of the Marr Cyprus ‘package’ is providing a range of property management services.

Facilities Management

Efficient facilities management services will help protect your investment to ensure long-term growth. The primary function of these services is to oversee the ongoing maintenance and upkeep of an entire building, and of individual apartments, to ensure that everything runs smoothly and remains in pristine condition.

Maintenance schedules are developed for regular monitoring of the building; including lifts, lighting, fire control and security systems, and all other common facilities. This means that issues will be identified promptly, minimising future repair costs. We will coordinate trade service providers on-site during scheduled or unscheduled maintenance or repairs to make sure work is carried out effectively, and to expected standards.

Foyer Concierge Services

In world class properties, a concierge service is a given. Globally-aware owners and tenants of luxury apartments expect services that go beyond good infrastructure. Our foyer concierge services deliver on that expectation.

Owners and tenants of Marr Cyprus apartments will be provided with a foyer concierge service that is courteous, efficient and discreet. The concierge will offer a warm welcome, receive deliveries, manage tradespeople, deal with luggage, arrange transport, make reservations, and carry out a myriad of other services that say ‘quality living’.

A professional, friendly approach will ensure that residents and visitors quickly engage with their concierge and enjoy immediate benefits. The concierge in your property will be a direct reflection of the way you like to live.

We will be pleased to introduce clients to one of our highly regarded legal associates, who have a wealth of experience in legal matters related to property, Cyprus Investment Program, company formations and tax planning.

They will deliver professional help and guidance in matters regarding most aspects associated with Cyprus law, including:

  • Residence Permits
  • Immigration Permits
  • Property Ownership
  • Financing your Property
  • Title Deeds
  • Property Taxes & Fees
  • Tax Advantages
  • Double Taxation Agreements
  • Duty-Free Privileges
  • Selling your Property