Founded in London, the Marr Group was established in 2002 and has expanded to multiple diverse global business interests—notably in the oil & gas and technology sectors—but its main emphasis is on land and property development as vehicles for investment.

In recent years the group has been involved in major construction projects throughout Europe and Russia, covering a broad range of real estate development categories. The Marr Group portfolio of successful projects features mixed-use high-rise buildings, large-scale residential developments, hotels and resorts, shopping and entertainment centres, industrial, commercial and office complexes.MARR: corporate video from Marr Group on Vimeo.

The Marr story is the embodiment of the classic success story, characterised by a relentless pursuit of excellence and a refusal to compromise on quality.

Marr Cyprus—alongside Marr’s associated global operations—is a fully-fledged real estate development company with a focus on prestige residential, commercial, retail and industrial properties.

With innovation at its core, Marr Cyprus follows a philosophy aimed at creating indulgent living experiences for city-dwellers and greater sustainability for the ecosystem.

We’re committed to delivering properties of an unrivalled calibre.

Careful analysis combined with discriminating site selection and the use of leading edge construction material and technologies form the basis of every project we create for our owner-occupiers and investors.

Although we have our finger on the pulse, we know that to realise our goals, we must listen closely to our clients—to understand exactly how they aspire to live. Inspiration for new ideas, designs and amenities comes from what our clients tell us, and feedback helps us enhance the way we plan and structure our projects.

Every Marr project represents outstanding investment potential—because, without exception, they are luxurious without being ostentatious, perfectly positioned where people want to live, and ideally configured to suit today’s style of living. .

Marr Cyprus is a cutting-edge real estate development, management and investment company. Committed to delivering unmatched quality and innovation, we work in collaboration with visionary architects and highly-regarded construction firms to raise the bar for luxury developments.

We deliver refined living experiences to people who know exactly what they want. Our team of qualified industry professionals are dedicated to providing exceptional standards of design and build quality, and this is manifested throughout by excellence and a timeless quality.

Our core mission is to identify opportunities and create value by developing and managing quality real estate while providing excellent customer service. We have exceptional experience in the industry, and are able to identify opportunities based on predicted demand and the precise needs of future buyers. So it goes without saying that we take a serious, considered approach to every aspect of a project.

We are also committed to enhancing our reputation by building on a foundation of high integrity, and demonstrating innovation and excellence in all our activities.

Our Values

Integrity—Honesty and fairness are essential to our business and how we interact with people.

Respect For People—Trust and respect, and valuing ethnic and individual differences are vital. Success internationally demonstrates our appreciation of cultural diversity.

Ethical Conduct—Achieving our goals is a priority. However, we always operate to the highest ethical standards.

Continued Progress—Ongoing improvement in the quality of our products and services is essential. We always take a proactive approach and have the experience to accurately anticipate and therefore satisfy customer expectations.

Innovation—Ours is a forward-thinking team that is committed to expanding the frontiers of design and construction. This is well demonstrated in the way that we incorporate new technologies, techniques and materials into our projects.

Our Projects Portfolio