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The main facts about Currency Residency: Exclusive interview with a tax expert

What is currency residency and how can it affect taxation? These are the main questions asked by Russian business owners, particularly those who have lived abroad for a considerable amount of time. We spoke to Alexander Zakharov, Ph.D. in Law and Advisor to the Tax Service of the I Rank, who explained the importance of correctly defining […]

A Future without Coronavirus: Where and how to protect yourself and your loved ones

The global coronavirus pandemic has disrupted the lives of millions of people around the world, with many having to make significant adjustments to their plans for the future. For investors, this has meant re-evaluating the factors that led to their decision for obtaining a second citizenship. Where this was once influenced by multiple financial and […]

How to protect your business: 6 advantages of having a second citizenship

In these uncertain times, many investors and entrepreneurs have made the valuable business decision to obtain a second citizenship. This allows them to take advantage of attractive tax regimes, increase their business efficiency, and ensure that their business remains safeguarded. Indeed, opting for a second passport from a country such as Cyprus can open up […]

The benefits of a Cyprus passport: A detailed analysis of the Cyprus Investment Program

The Cyprus Investment Program offers an attractive opportunity for non-EU nationals to obtain the same rights and advantages as Europeans. Through the Program, investors can apply for a Cypriot passport, which grants visa-free access to and unlimited stay in more than 170 countries. This means investors and their families can study, work, and live in […]

How much can you earn by renting out property in Cyprus?

Buying property in Cyprus not only gives you the opportunity to apply for permanent residency or Cyprus/EU citizenship, but also to receive a regular income from renting out your property. Investors can quickly recover the cost of the real estate and earn a significant profit. This quick return on investment is a major incentive that […]

How to buy property in Cyprus: a step-by-step guide

“If you want to invest profitably, you should pay attention to Cyprus property,” say many experts. And in many ways they are right. The value of Cyprus real estate is rising, and it is profitable to rent out property and get a solid return. Also by buying real estate valued over €2.5 million, an investor […]

Practical Questions and Answers on the Cyprus Citizenship Program

Cyprus is the most attractive country for obtaining citizenship. So quickly and with such minimal bureaucratic procedures, becoming a citizen of an EU country will not succeed anywhere else. Let’s look at the main issues related to the registration of Cypriot citizenship: Who can get Cyprus citizenship for buying a property? – EU citizens, as […]

International Wealth

International Wealth is the largest portal about international asset protection and diversification. Recently International Wealth published a review about MARR Group new investment project in Cyprus – MARR Resort. The profitability of the project reaches 35% in case the investor decides to sell the constructed lots, and 5.5% when it is renting. Read more