Privacy Policy


Privacy Policy

In compliance with the General Data Protect Regulation – GDPR, regulation 2016/679, implemented in May 2018 with a view to further enhance the data protection policies, this Privacy Policy sets forth the way MARR GROUP processes and or controls data of individuals and the rights of the same emanating from the said regulation.

Who we are

MARR GROUP (which terms shall be deemed to include any affiliated company or companies under control or common control of MARR GROUP) is an international group of companies operating in different sectors with an emphasis in Real Estate Development throughout Europe and Russia.
MARR GROUP and its personnel, duly educated to that end, are committed and endeavour to maintain the highest standards when it comes to storing and protecting data of individuals, including but not limited to, staff members, job applicants, clients, potential clients, associates and generally whomever MARR GROUP engages with to deliver a service or otherwise.

What we collect and how long is data stored?

Contingent upon the type of service requested, MARR GROUP will only collect the necessary personal data of an individual or entity to deliver any such service. Data collected may include any or all of the kind of information listed here below:

  • Contact details (i.e. full names, postal addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers)
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Marital status
  • Utility bills
  • VAT number
  • Social insurance number
  • Information about criminal record
  • CVs
  • Information about previous job experience and qualifications (if applying for a job)
  • Bank Account details
  • Source of wealth
  • Copies of Passports, IDs and or any other documents of identification (e.g. driving license)
  • Information required by MARR GROUP to meet legal and regulatory requirements
  • Information provided and or obtained in the course of the provision of services or otherwise
  • Any other information supplied to MARR GROUP or that is necessary for the provision of services or otherwise

The personal data MARR GROUP collects is processed or controlled while considering recruitment of new stuff and while providing a requested service or otherwise to its clientele and it is limited to the provision thereof. Personal data so processed or controlled by MARR GROUP is mainly obtained by the individual(s) it interacts with and subject to their consent or through third parties such as agents, affiliates, representatives etc. Personal data is safely stored usually for as long as necessary to render a service to an individual and for the time necessary thereafter. Data may be stored for periods exceeding 10 years as of the date it has been collected and such period may be extended in the event of legal claims or any form of investigation by any governmental authority. It follows that any information no longer necessary is destroyed or anonymized to prevent or limit identification of individuals.

Purpose of collection

Data collected by MARR GROUP is used in any or a combination of the following contexts:

  • For the purpose of drafting and performing an agreement MARR GROUP has entered with an individual
  • For marketing purposes, where consent is given by an individual
  • For complying with any law or regulation
  • For providing individuals information about MARR GROUP products, promotions and offers
  • For reporting any suspicious behavior, frauds or potential intellectual property infringements
  • For conducting any surveys or research (used in aggregate form)
  • For any other purpose so long as the individual provided their explicit consent

Who do we share data with?

Personal data of individuals collected by MARR GROUP may be shared, as the case may require or necessitate, with any of the following bodies:

  • Any public or governmental authorities
  • Financial institutions
  • Third parties with whom we share information for receiving their services, such as IT service and storage providers, MARR GROUP associates and affiliated companies even abroad
  • Third parties engaged throughout the provision of our services, lawyers, auditors, counter-parties, potential buyers/sellers, real estate agents, property and damage valuators, insurances, accountants, tax advisers, courier service providers, etc.

The above is not an exhaustive list and should not be read and construed as such.

Rights of individuals

Individuals have the right to access their personal data, request copies and obtain a confirmation from MARR GROUP as to whether any personal information about the same is being stored.
Individuals have the right to correct their personal information, if those kept by MARR GROUP are inaccurate, incomplete or incorrect.
Unless it is in the public or MARR GROUP legitimate interest to do otherwise, individuals have the right to request erasure of their personal data.
Individuals have the right to withdraw consent from and / or object to their personal data being processed by MARR GROUP, however without any repercussion or liability on the part of MARR GROUP if such withdrawal results into an inability of MARR GROUP to perform under an agreement or render a service.
Likewise, individuals have the right to request a restriction of their personal data processing and where technically feasible, to request free of charge that such data is transferred to any other processer or controller in a timely fashion, depending on the volume of data.
Finally, all individuals have the right to file a formal complaint to the supervisory authority; that is, the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection.

Questions and complaints

Enquiries for this Privacy Policy and generally any questions falling under the ambit of personal data of individuals should be directed to MARR GROUP Data Protection Officer (DPO):
Name: Mrs. Stalo Christodoulou
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone: +357 25762300
If for any reason any individual the personal data of which has been processed by MARR GROUP, deems that it has been improperly obtained and or processed in a manner incompliant with the GDPR, they can file an official complaint at the Office of the Commissioner for Personal Data Protection, at: 1 Iasonos Str., 1082 Nicosia, P.O. Box 23378, 1682 Nicosia Tel: +357 22818456 Fax: +357 22304565 Email: [email protected]